How to Make Your Own Woodscape Prints

How to Make Your Own Woodscape Prints

ITS AS EASY AS 1-2-3, unless you’re my 2 year old niece….she has trouble with numbers.

1. Choose Woodscape print size

2. Upload your photos

3. Add to cart and check out!



1. pick the size of wood you want your photo printed on.


2. Upload a picture from your computer.

After you upload your picture it will take you to our magical cropping device that will help you fit the photo perfectly to the wood size you chose.

Click the green check mark when you like the way the photo is cropped, then click the save disk (it’s the one that looks like a disk that use to go into computers 100 years ago)

Give it a moment to upload…

Then you can select the quantity (because you know you want more than one)

Make sure you click yes on the photo release so we can make you famous.


3. Add to cart and check out

After this you’ll be in a shopping cart (not a real shopping cart, but that does sound fun)

If you want you can check your image to make sure nothing changed by clicking “YOUR UPLOADED IMAGE”

And if you have any special instructions or just want to tell us what you had for breakfast, feel free to do so in the “Special Instructions for seller” box.

Please then click the copy right box and prove you are not a pirate, even if you do have a peg leg and an eye patch…it’s the law.

Now it’s time to check you out ;) (wink wink) I mean…time to check out.

Fill out all the information. DON’T FORGET YOUR DISCOUNT CODE (We send discount code on special occasions to our email subscribers)

Choose your shipping method, and if you live close by you can come pick it up and give us high fives!

Continue to the rest of the payment method.

Fill out the payment method. AND YOU’RE DONE! WOO HOO! You did an awesome job! We’re super proud….HIGH FIVE!