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How to know when you should by a piece of art and getting to know Emily Magone

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From the patterns floating in the sky to the sediment resting at the bottom of a river, Emily finds inspiration everywhere she looks.  She steps into her inspiration each time she goes outdoors...She interacts with her world one mind-blowing, joyous, inspiring moment at a time.


After spending the past four years in England, Emily and her husband are happy to have their feet back home. They both love to travel, but Emily agrees that there’s no place quite like home, her original inspiration. A love of travel plays a big role in her and her husband’s life. Their journeys have taken them throughout the world and back. Their travel log is comprised of artwork: a piece from every destination they've ventured to. She and her husband try to collect a piece from everywhere they go.  Their collection includes pottery, sculptures, and paintings.  Emily’s philosophy on the concept is simple: “Never leave a piece that makes you feel things. You'll know what I mean,” she explains.  She's never forgiven herself for the first and only time she turned down a piece she fell in love with.  Today the artwork in their home does more than decorate the walls.  It shares the stories of their travels.  Her favorite painting, a reminder of Ireland, is one of a couple dancing in a traditional Irish pub.


Travel has been a constant source of inspiration for Emily, but it was growing up in Montana where she first discovered her love of nature. She believes nature’s beauty is experienced best in the natural landscapes untouched by human hands.  She describes her art as "nature minus humans."




As an only child, Emily describes herself as a bit of a loner during the first part of her life. She preferred the company of the elderly over the youthful spirit of her peers.  It's not surprising then that her artistic flare was fueled by her grandmother, an artist herself.  As a child, Emily spent countless hours with her grandmother who created masterpieces with her knitting and crocheting needles.  But the from the beginning getting messy with her paint has always been Emily's artistic expression of choice.


If you've had a chance to interact with Emily's work, you’ll immediately notice her elegant use of color. Each color is premeditated and provides direction to the artwork. This sparked the question: what is Emily’s favorite color to work with?

Answer: "Payne's Grey"


To get to know Woodscape’s newest artist, here are a few more questions with her answers.


Question: What advice would you give to someone looking to invest in art?

Answer: "Listen to your gut.  If it touches you, get it.  Even if you can only afford a print of it - it's meant to be in your life."


Question: What advice would you have for an upcoming artist?

Answer: "Patience...just keeping putting the work in…and paint as much as you can."


Question: Who’s your favorite artist?

Answer: "Claude Monet"


Question: What is your favorite piece of art?

Answer: "Anything Monet painted in his garden.”


Question: What has been your favorite location to paint?

Answer: "Palma de Mallorca (an island off of Spain)"


To learn more about Emily and her work you can visit her personal website at


To order one a custom wood print by Emily Magone go check out her selection here.

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