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Here's 50% to keep in your trapper keeper!

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Grab your backpack, scientific calculator, and number 2 pencils; it’s that time of year again - BACK TO SCHOOL! Depending on where you (or your children) are at in the education process you have text books, tuition, school supplies, room and board, and back to school clothes on your mind. And for some of you, the dreaded student loans. A topic we’d all rather avoid. 

But instead of focusing on the negative side of higher education, we want to celebrate your educational achievements. Each new school year brings about exciting potential, new opportunities, and draws you one step closer to achieving your dreams. Whether it's passing the 3rd grade, graduating from high school, earning your bachelors degree, or becoming a doctor. At Woodscape Prints we want to celebrate your academic achievements.



Textbooks, tuition, school supplies, room and board…we get it - education is expensive! So Woodscape Prints is here to give you a break. Whether it’s your son or daughter’s new class photo or a picture of you crossing the stage to receive that diploma, we have a deal that doesn't require a student loan or a fancy calculator - get a 12”x12” custom wood print 50% off - twelve square inches to celebrate each year of K-12th. 

For all you overachievers, you can punch the following into your calculators:

.5 x 62.99 = ? 

Answer: an AMAZING deal!


Click here to commemorate this school year’s memories with 12”x12” wood wall art

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