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8 Ways to Take Better Photographs With Your Phone

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Nowadays everyone has an interest in photography. From Instagram to Facebook, social media has revolutionized the way we interact with photography. So whether it’s your career or not, chances are you have a phone loaded with pictures.


I still remember the days when I kept a throw away camera with me at all times. However, during a summer internship I remember receiving less than impressed look when I pulled out my disposable. I decided right then it was time to improve my camera game to a digital point and shoot. It was with me everywhere I went. It caused me to see experiences in a new way. Such as driving home on the 101 at 1:00 in the morning to take a picture of a sign. Pulling off onto a poorly lit exit seemed like a great idea until I became an uninvited guest to those living under the bridge. Needless to say I began using a little more discretion to moments I was capturing.


With the advance of the modern smart phone and the introduction of Instagram, we all feel as though we have a voice in the world of photography. Taking pictures is no longer a pastime reserved only for professional photographers. With the many photography editing apps available, the countless filters, lighting adjustments, and cropping techniques, you can have little to no photography experience and still produce a great shot.


However, for those without a formal photography education (and those who want to improve their social media pictures), there are a few concepts to consider. A few ways to improve the pictures you capture with your smartphone. Let me give you 8 ways to take better photographs with your phone.


  1. Capture candid moments

When it comes to capturing memories, posed, set up family snap shots are great. But if you want to capture the emotion of an event, don’t interrupt the natural setting. Become an observer of the event and photograph what happens in the moment. Take several photographs in case the first, second, or third don’t turn out.


  1. Use gridlines

In order to balance your shot, utilize your camera’s gridlines. It’s one of the simplest ways to improve your smartphone photography. According to Hubspot, this basic photography composition says, “an image should be broken down into thirds, both horizontally and vertically, so you have nine parts in total…if you place points of interest in these intersections or along the lines, your photo will be more balanced, level, and allow viewers to interact with it more naturally.”


  1. Use an external lens

If you want to take your phone photography to the next level, consider getting an external lens for your phone. A quick online search will yield countless options. This may sound like a bulky add-on, but many of the lenses offered today are quite small and sleek.


  1. Make use of natural light

Have you ever noticed how poorly a flash can impact the outcome of your phone’s pictures? Try to make use of the natural light around you in order to avoid using your phone’s flash.


  1. Don’t zoom in

Another negative impact on your phone’s photography is zooming in. Instead of taking a few steps closer to your subject, it’s often tempting to zoom in. But this often results in grainy pictures. Our tip, take a few steps closer.


  1. Use different perspectives

Every subject has been captured from the head-on perspective. For memory’s sake, this isn’t a bad viewpoint. But the most standard subjects can be made more intriguing simply by taking a photo from a different perspective or angle. Before you take another picture, ask yourself, “Is there another angle that would make for a more interesting photograph?”


  1. Edit

Don’t be afraid to edit your original picture. There are countless editing tools at your disposal. Adjust lighting, blemishes, or even add a filter.


  1. Use discretion

The last piece of advice won’t improve your smartphone photography, but I’ve found it to be a beneficial piece of advice when it comes to this topic. Just because you have a camera with you at all times, don’t feel the need to impulsively take photos. Sometimes you need to set the camera down and enjoy the moment for what it is.


Now that you’ll have a phone full of perfectly captured photographs, turn those memories into something that you will proudly display on your wall, desk, or coffee table. Go check out all the ways you can turn your memories into wood wall art by clicking here.


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