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Want to print beautiful wood wall art?

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Guidelines for printing high quality images for a wood print

  Photographer: Chris Vagrant

Are you new to printing on wood? You’ve probably seen countless photographs printed on canvas, but maybe you haven’t seen them printed on wood. Or maybe you're ready to print on wood, but just not sure what image to use first (we're positive if you try it once you'll want to do it again).
In order to have the most beautiful outcome, there's a few guidelines we recommend you follow when printing your custom wood print. You might call these the “DOs and DON’Ts of wood photos."

1. DON'T print pictures taken at night or dark photos in general. The details of the photo get lost in the relative darkness of the photo and the grain of the wood.

2. DON'T print pictures with little contrast. Try to avoid pictures and images that have little color variation.

3. DO print bright photos. We’re not saying that you should exclusively print bright photos, but the bright colors of your image will beautifully highlight the grain of your wood photo.
Photographer: Isaac Garcia

4. DO print clear, high-resolution images. Avoid low quality, pixilated photos. This is a general rule for printing any image.

5. DO print images taken on your phone. “Can I print a photo taken on my phone?” The answer is, “Yes!” But, there are a few rules to follow when taking a photo with your phone that you plan on printing. First, avoid zooming in (this will decrease the resolution). Secondly, if your phone has a high definition option, turn it on (this goes along with point number four). And lastly, when printing an image from your phone, avoid printing larger than an 8x8 or 10x8.

6. DO print images from your social media. However, just make sure that the image is large enough to be printed. To make sure, follow these steps:

Place the image on your desktop. 

Go to the image properties by right clicking on the image. Take the number of pixels in both the Width and Height dimensions and divide by dpi also listed in properties to get the max width and height the photo should be printed to in order to maintain the same resolution that you see on your screen. Pixels / DPI = Inches (if you want a slightly higher resolution than the picture shows then simply select a smaller print). 


Artist: Emily Magone

Now that you know what you DO and what you DON’T do to create incredible wooden wall art, click here to get your print started. And if you ever have further questions, you can contact us on our Woodscape Prints Contact Page.

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