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What happens when you get lost in the details?

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Photo by Isaac Garcia

Some might discover they are no further than when they first started and others may find themselves in a labyrinth of endless ideas. But when Woodscape Prints set out to create custom wooden wall art we committed to making the best product available. We discovered that it was the little things that made all the difference – the details could not be overlooked. To develop our custom wood prints we got lost in the details and found a superior product.

We took everything into consideration right down to the last detail. When your photo is printed onto one of our wooden canvases, you’ll end up with a finished wood photo that will add to the aesthetic of any room. The following are a few of the elements that resulted from us wading knee-deep in the details of our wooden wall art.


Photo by Chris Vagrant

Our beveled edge

Our sustainable birch wood canvasses are finished with a beveled edge that adds to the beauty of your custom wood print. Additionally, all Woodscape Prints are created from wood that is farmed and not taken from natural landscapes.


Photo by Isaac Garcia

Our easy-to-hang back

Each wood panel has a keyhole rig inlaid on the back to make it super easy to hang. That means no hooks or walls mounts are required for your wood art. The keyhole rig allows the wooden picture to be hung either portrait or landscape.


Photo by Dannie Phan

Our wall mounting system (for collages)

Have you ever tried hanging a photo collage on your wall? Yea, it’s not easy. Until now… each wooden photo collage order comes with a system that we’ve developed to make your life so much easier. Tape our template to the wall, hammer in your nails, rip off the template, and hang your wood prints. It's that easy! Put away your level, ruler, chalk line, or whatever utensils you’ve tried before to get your photos to hang symmetrically. Our collage hanging system will save you one BIG headache!


Photo by Chris Vagrant

Nature Conservancy

We don’t have any problems with the efforts to preserve the rainforests. But we’d also like to take care of the forests in our own back yard. For every 25 Woodscape Prints orders we adopt an acre of vital landscape through The Nature Conservancy.


Print your picture to wood and get lost in the details. Place your order now.


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